Complete programs by specie


Incorporating feed additives and animal health products into your health and nutrition programs helps the animals stay healthy, maximizing productivity and economic returns.

Thanks to our daily field experience, we have designed complete programs by combining several of our products that:

  • Ensure productivity in despite of enteric and respiratory challenges.
  • Boost performance with products adapted to the needs of each stage.
  • Allow to partially or completely replace antibiotic growth promoters.

Each program has been extensively tested in real farms and has a proven return on investment.

ChampionPig, the world’s first complete program from day 1 to end of nursery focused on economic performanceLeaderChick©, the first world’s comprehensive program based on natural ingredients, designed to bring extraordinary productivity to broiler farms.eggcelence plant extracts breeders layers essential oilsBLOG PowerRum en

Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon the requirements of your government.