How to boost the benefits of your broiler farm by 17%

The latest trial made in China this winter confirms that adding PlusProtect Digestive© to drinking water for all the life of the broilers results in better livability, weight gain and FCR. Besides, it reduces medication costs.

As a consequence, the economic output of the group treated with PlusProtect Digestive© was almost 17% better than control group.


  • Trial house was fed PlusProtect Digestive© for all the life of the animal. Trial group did not receive any AGP during the first week.
  • Control group: Enrofloxacin during the first week.

All other health, nutritional and management parameters were the same for both groups. Antibiotics for respiratory or digestive diseases were administered to each house according to veterinarian criteria.


Table blog PPD feb 2014

*European Efficiency Factor: gr. gained/day X % survival rate /Conversion X 10

* *Considering selling price of animals, cost of medication and average price of feed.

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