Let Nature boost the productivity of your rabbits!

The latest trial made in China this winter confirms that adding GrowthPlus© to the feed of post-weaning rabbits results in less mortality and diarrhea occurrence, more weight gain and better FCR.

As a consequence, the economic output of the group fed with GrowthPlus© was more than 9% higher than control group.


The trial took place in a commercial farm, from day 38th until day 53rd of life. (The rabbits were slaughtered at day 67th).

Rabbits were located within the same house and were divided into two different groups:

  • Trial group, GrowthPlus© added to post-weaning feed.
  • Control group: no treatment.

All other health, nutritional and management parameters were the same for both groups.


natural ingredients of GrowthPlus© to post-weaning feed for rabbits

*Considering price of meat, cost of feed and cost of adding GrowthPlus© to feed in the trial group.

Ms. Qi Wenjuan, Sales Representative, qiwenjuan@plusvet.cn

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