Mycotoxin contamination in crops affected by 2012 drought

Mycotoxin contamination in crops affected by 2012 drought

In 2012, the worst drought in more than half a century has affected USA and Mexico, as a result of the La Niña phenomenon and probably also linked to global warming. Other countries have suffered periods of abnormally high temperatures this summer, such as North Korea, UK, South Europe, Germany and some African countries.

Such climatic conditions have led not only to a shortage of crops for feed use but also to a higher incidence of mycotoxin contamination.

Lack of water makes the husk weaker, so it cracks easily, and fungi can penetrate and grow inside the grain. In such conditions of low moisture, aflatoxins are the main mycotoxins produced.

Aflatoxins are carcinogenic to human beings and can also negatively affect companion animals. Regarding farm animals, poultry and pigs are the most sensitive. Feeding aflatoxin-contaminated cereals to dairy cows may result in poisonous milk.

Aflatoxins are toxic to liver and to immune system and to immunity-related organs; negatively affect reproductive functions, by decreasing fertility, being toxic to the embryo, affecting egg production and egg quality; cause hemorrhages; impact productivity, with slower growth and lower feed intake.

As there is corn and wheat shortage, some governments have been forced to raise the legal limits of aflatoxins in feedstuffs in order to maintain the supply and to avoid an exaggerated rise in prices.

For all the exposed above, the mycotoxin contamination of 2012 makes more necessary than other years the routine use of a mycotoxin binder. PlusBind® mycotoxin binders, with their expanding structure and their high aflatoxin-binding efficiency (94.7%) per gram of product, are the ideal solution to maintain health and productivity in despite of defective cereal conditions.

Ms. Chen Yaqin, Product Development

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