Our ChampionPig© program in post-weaning piglets results in a 28% higher weight gain

Our ChampionPig program in post-weaning piglets results in a 28 faster growth

A combination of PigletPlus©  and SupraPlus©

Weaning is a traumatic time for the young piglet, as the animal faces sudden social, environmental and nutritional stressors. During the first 3 to 4 days post-weaning, it loses weight and may not consume enough feed or water to meet its needs. As a consequence, immediately after weaning there is a significant slowdown on the growth rate, that drops below the genetic potential of the animal.

Shortening the post-weaning gap results in many productive and economic benefits, such in a 10% better daily weight gain during the whole nursery period; 7% savings in feed during the nursery and fattening periods; and 8 to 14 days less needed to reach market weight.

Within our ChampionPig© program, that focuses on pregnant and lactating sows and piglets until the end of nursery, we have designed a combination of products (PigletPlus© and SupraPlus©) to be used immediately after weaning to promote growth.

In the following trial, the effects of our program have been confirmed.

Conditions of the trial

Animals: post-weaning piglets, from day 21th to 30th of age.

Feed: starter feed coming from the same manufacturer and same batch for trial and control groups. Trial group has been added PigletPlus©.

Health programs: The trial group was treated with SupraPlus© in the drinking water. Other health products were the same for both groups.

Management conditions: the same for trial and control groups.

Feed intake was not possible to record due to technical reasons.


ChampionPig in weaned piglets


The ChampionPig© program (combination of PigletPlus© in feed and SupraPlus© in drinking water)  resulted in a 28% better weight gain.

Average daily weight gain in the ChampionPig© group was 292 g/day, compared to 228 g/day in control group.  There are many studies that relate a higher average daily weight gain post-weaning to a faster growth during nursery and fattening period, a better FCR during fattening and to less days needed to reach slaughter weight.

Products of choice

PigletPlus®, our synergistic blend of plant extracts and organic acids for piglets and fattening pigs, to be mixed in feed.

SupraPlus® is a carefully designed combinations of  essential oils, electrolytes, rapidly absorbed sugars and vitamin E, to be given by drinking water.

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