PlusLay Immuno

PlusLay Immuno®

PlusLay Immuno® is a combination of vitamins and plant extracts to be added through drinking water with the aim to:

  • Avoid the drop of laying rate produced by stressful management practices.
  • Increase laying rate in hot environments.
  • Prolong productive life of the hen by slowing down laying rate drop.
  • Increase egg quality and percentage of qualified eggs.

Fat soluble vitamins D3 and E are involved in mineral metabolism, immune system and oxydative status. Hen’s intake of these vitamins influences egg quality, embryo development and chick livability. Vitamin C is helpuful to neutralize the harmful effects of stress.

Plant extracts possess antibacterial and antifungal activity, preventing digestive diseases. They also possess strong anti-stress properties.

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Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon your government requirements.


Administer through drinking water, at a dose of 1 ml/litre, one week per month.

1 litre bottle.