ReproPlus® is a combination of plant extracts, organic acids, oils rich in omega-3 and a cocktail or European silicates, designed for pregnant and lactating sows and for ruminants of all ages.

In pregnant and lactating sows, ReproPlus® is intended to reduce the transmission of pathogens from sow to piglet, preventing neonatal diarrhea; to boost the level of maternal antibodies in colostrum and milk and as a mycotoxin binder.

In dairy ruminants, ReproPlus® is intended to increase milk production and milk quality, as a binder for aflatoxin contamination and to reduce somatic cell count score.

In weaning ruminants, the product mantains digestive health, specially during weaning stress, promotes growth and improves the characteristics of carcass.

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 Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon your government requirements.


Mix homogeneously with feed at 1-2 kg/ton.

25 kg paper bags.