ActiPlus® is a liquid mix that contains phyto-active ingredients (marjoram, cinnamon, chicory), electrolytes, rapidly absorbed sugars and vitamin E.

It is intended for young mammals such as piglets, calves, lambs and goats during suckling period. It is designed to be administered directly in the mouth of the animal.

The phyto-active ingredients contained in the formula are the synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian traditional use of plants:

  • Marjoram has been traditionally used with the aim of stimulating digestive system and also to improve microbiological quality of foods.
  • Cinnamon is native from Asia and has been used in folk medicine to fight and prevent diarrhea and to improve digestion, among other indications.
  • Plants rich in oligosaccharides are able to stimulate the growth of favorable bacteria in the gut. This feature is especially interesting in suckling animals, because their gut flora is under development.

Electrolytes and rapidly absorbed sugars provide excellent nutritional support to suckling animals.

Contains vitamin E for a boost in performance.

ActiPlus® is formulated with premium ingredients to ensure that growth performance continues despite the challenges of infections, cold weather and other adverse circumstances.

ActiPlus® ensures the optimal growth and well-being of young animals during suckling period.

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Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon the requirements of your government.

Administer directly in the mouth of the animal, following the instructions stated on the label of the product. 

250 ml bottle with doser and 1 L bottle.