PigletPlus® is the ideal product to prevent post-weaning diarrhea, especially of bacterial origin, and mycotoxicosis in piglets.

Contains plant extracts, organic acids and a mix of European silicates with high mycotoxin binding capability and has the following properties:

  • Strong bactericidal activity and mild effect against worms and coccidia, being also immune booster;
  • It is rich in prebiotics that boost the growth of beneficial bacteria and, thus, indirectly avoiding the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Plant extracts avoid water losses in case of diarrhea;
  • The European silicates are highly effective mycotoxin binders, thus contributing to avoid diarrhea caused by mycotoxins and other consequences of mycotoxicosis in piglet.

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Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon your government requirements.


PigletPlus® is given mixed homogeneously with feed at doses of 0.6-1.5 kg/ton.

25 kg bags.