Plant extracts, organic acids and mycotoxin binders.


Pigs of all ages, especially young piglets, added to pre-starter and starter feed.


Premix powder to be mixed with feed.


PigletPlus© is intended to maintain and improve digestive health. It is formulated with synergistic ingredients:

  • Bactericidal and fungicidal plant extracts, combined with organic acids for better effectiveness, that reduce the number of pathogenic microbes in the digestive system.
  • Plant extracts with prebiotic effect, that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Immunostimulant and antioxidant plant extracts.
  • Silicates with mycotoxin binding function.

It is especially useful in cases of bacterial diarrhea during the suckling and post weaning period, and to promote growth in all ages.

When adding PigletPlus© to creep feed:

  • There is a strong positive effect on feed intake
  • Weight at weaning is 9% higher, on average
  • Replaces AGP partially or totally ­

When adding PigletPlus© to post-weaning feed:

  • Feed intake is boosted by 13%
  • Average daily weight gain increases by 20%
  • FCR improves by 5%
  • 87% less occurrence of digestive problems
  • Mortality is cut down by 36%
  • Replaces AGP partially or totally

It is also used in fattening pigs to prevent digestive diseases of bacterial origin.


1 and 25 kg bags.


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