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Essential oils, vitamin E, carriers. 


Poultry, rabbits, ruminants and pigs of all ages.


Oral solution to be added to drinking water or to be sprayed to the environment of the farm.


PlusBreathe© contains essential oils with natural antiseptic, antioxidant, expectorant and mucolytic activities. It has a refreshing taste.

It is used to improve the functioning of the respiratory system and to mitigate heat stress in birds, ruminants, pigs and rabbits of all ages. It can also be sprayed in the environment of the farm.

PlusBreathe© is used during moments of risk:

  • In young birds
  • In grower and finisher birds (change of feathers, higher density in the farm, poor ventilation).
  • After vaccination with live vaccines.
  • During all the life of the broilers, obtaining 26% better survivability, 2% increased weight gain and 3.3% superior economic benefits.
  • In swine and ruminants, especially in young ones.
  • When air quality is bad, by spraying.
  • When there are many mosquitos, flies and worms.
  • Before transport to slaughterhouse, to cut down mortality.

PlusBreathe© is also used during respiratory diseases, together with the appropriate pharmaceutical products, to give a feeling of comfort and easy breathing, reducing the stress and promoting feed intake and productivity.

Watch our video on the mechanism of action of PlusBreathe (3:50 min)


PlusBreathe© is used in episodes of heat stress

During episodes of heat stress, PlusBreathe© works through two mechanisms of action:

  • Its essential oils stimulate the cold receptors of the oral and nasal mucosa, giving the animals a very pleasant sensation of ‘freshness’.
  • Thanks to their powerful antioxidant properties, the essential oils contained in PlusBreathe© fight the oxidative stress associated with high temperatures.

With the administration of PlusBreathe© by drinking water or sprayed in the environment of the farm, feed intake recovers, productivity increases, mortality drops, and behavior related to heat stress is ameliorated.


Bottles of 1 L.


Microbiocide properties 

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