PlusProtect Digestive®

PlusProtect Digestive®

PlusProtect Digestive® is a liquid product that contains marjoram and cinnamon oils.

It is the synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian traditional use of plants with microbiocide properties:
Marjoram is a specie rich in monoterpenes, traditionally used with the aim of stimulating digestive system and also to improve microbiological quality of foods.

Cinnamon is native from Asia and has been used in folk medicine to fight and prevent diarrhea and to improve digestion, among other indications. Its extract is rich in phenylpropanoids.

The combination of the two plant extracts results in a product with highly effective bactericide and fungicide properties.

PlusProtect Digestive® has proven to be effective against the infections produced by the following microorganisms:

  • Gram-positive bacteria able to sporulate: Clostridium, agent of necrotic enteritis.
  • Gram-positive bacteria: Streptoccocus sp, agent of secondary infections in immune supressed animals. Listeria sp. which is a hazard for human beings.
  • Gram-negative bacteria: including Escherichia coli, diarrhea-causing strains and also strains that can later infect respiratory system leading to colibacillosis. Salmonella and other Enterobacteriaceae.
  • Fungi, that colonize upper digestive tract and gizzard.
  • Opportunistic infection by yeasts.

It is intended for all species and ages to improve and maintain gut health.

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Certain health statements may not be applicable in your geographical region. Product claims may differ based upon your government requirements.


Administer mixed with drinking water at doses between 0.25 to 1 ml/litre. 

1 L bottle.