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Respiratory diseases are a major problem for the farming industry, specially in winter time. Antibiotics are widely administered both as a prevention and treatment, but there are increasing concerns due to meat residues and proliferation of resistances.

Respiratory disorders produce dyspnea, which is the partial occlusion of respiratory tract by exudates and mucus secretions. Dyspnea lowers oxygen concentration in blood and adds more stress to already stressed animals. This condition can happen along with disease and also as a secondary reaction to vaccines.

Essential oils contained in PlusBreathe© may alleviate cough, reduce throat inflammation and help to eliminate respiratory secretions. They also act as disinfectants of the respiratory tract, being antibacterial and antiviral.

The product promotes appetite and reduces stress. It can also be used for prevention at the end of the productive cycle of broilers.

It is indicated for poultry, ruminants, pigs and rabbits of all ages.


High temperatures have a major impact on farmed animals. When they are coupled with high humidity, the combination is critical for the health and productivity .

Essential oils with a fresh taste, such as those contained in PlusBreathe©, provide a cool sensation caused by the stimulation of oral mucosa sensory cold receptors, giving the animals a very pleasant sensation of ‘freshness’. Thanks to this refreshing sensation, feed intake recovers, productivity increases and mortality drops. It has also been shown that behavior related to heat stress, such as panting, is ameliorated with the addition of refresing essential oils to drinking water.

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PhytoShield© is a supplement of essential oils, electrolytes and vitamins intended to promote growth, reduce oxidative stress and keep the animals hydrated.

It is especially useful in the following cases:

  • To cut down mortality by transport.
  • Given during the finisher stage, to improve the performance in the slaughterhouse, increase the percentage of protein in meat, reduce water loss, cooking loss and fat oxidation; and improve the taste, aroma and juiciness of the meat.
  • Before, during or after periods of stress, diarrhea, vomits and dehydration, such as heat stress, vaccination, stressful management practices, diseases, etc
  • To counteract the negative effects of feeding with oxidized fats or feed contaminated with mycotoxins and heavy metals.
  • To promote growth in weak, low-weight or dehydrated animals.
  • To improve sperm quality and hatchability in breeders.

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