Our Team


We are a European-Chinese joint venture that started operations in 2013. During these years, we have earned the trust of farmers, feed mills and integrators thanks to the effectiveness of our natural products and services. We have also expanded our sales network to Asian, Middle East, African and Latin American countries.

Our team works together with farms and feed mills to identify their challenges related to animal health and to solve them with our natural products and services, for a healthier and more profitable farming operation.

Though our natural products and services, we want to bring higher productivity to the animal husbandry industry; offer a fulfilling and rewarding career to our employees; and give the shareholders the satisfaction to have contributed to the improvement of our society.


We at PlusVet Animal Health work hard to be:

  • Professional: our competent and skilled team is in contact with the latest technical developments of the farming industry worldwide. Our rigorous quality system is inspired in European legislation, as we firmly believe that only through high quality products we can contribute customer’s success. Moreover. honesty and transparency are two of our key values.
  • Passionate: we love our profession and your success is our priority, so we are delighted to put all our resources at your service. We are creative and always find ingenuos solutions to daily challenges.
  • Practical: we work with you to offer a realistic solution tailored to your needs, that focuses on preventing diseases before they happen, contributing to unfold the maximum productive potential of livestock. Furthermore, we can help to diagnose the problems of your farm or feed mill through our Analysis Service laboratory.


We are willing find out your needs and explain how can we help to improve your profitabilty. Please contact us at:

PlusVet Animal Health
Zhengwang Road 2, Environment Protect Industry Park, 266201 Jimo City, Qingdao, China
Tel + 86 532 8752 2311