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We provide added value and differentiation to pet food manufacturers with the addition of natural plant extracts, improving pets’ health and well-being.


Pet food market trends

The pet food markets markets are characterized by a high degree of sophistication, consumer awareness and ingredient consciousness. The trends of pet ‘humanization’ and ‘premiumization’ are popular. Pets are seen as almost human companions and are cared for in a similar manner. Pet nutrition is believed to play a key role in keeping the animals happy and healthy, with an increasing market shift towards Premium, SuperPremium and healthy foods. Petfood manufacturers are being advised by market leaders to align closely with this trend.

The addition of nutraceuticals to petfood is part of this tendency. More specifically, the addition of plant extracts helps to produce healthy and functional food, contributes to differentiate a brand from the competitors and allows the product to be labeled as Premium or SuperPremium.

Addition of plant extracts to petfood contributes  to:

1) Eliminate synthetic antioxidants, that are seen by many pet owners as dangerous and harmful for their pets.

2) Enrich pet foods with active ingredients that promote health or prevent disease. Therefore, pet’s diet becomes a tool for the owner to ensure the optimum growth of his beloved animal, prolong a healthy lifestyle in old age and help the treatment or prevention of certain diseases.

What we can do for you?

We provide added value and differentiation to pet food manufacturers with the addition of natural plant extracts, improving pets’ health and well-being.

  • We study your requirements and design a tailor-made mix of plant extracts that allow you to produce healthy or functional pet food.
  • With our plant extracts, you can upgrade your marketing claims, such as: free from synthetic antioxidants; digestive/dental/dermal/urinary health; special for old age animals;  immune boosting; control of the odor of feces, etc.
  • The inclusion of our plant extracts, together with other formulation changes, allows your brand to be diferent from competitors and to upgrade to higher priced  and Premium and SuperPremium foods.
  • Our know-how allows us to select the best raw materials, perform an effective quality control all along the production chain and guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products.

In addition…

Our highly effective mycotoxin binders PlusBind© and PlusBind Bio© will avoid problems by mycotoxins in dog and cat food. We can also help pet food manufacturers to analyze mycotoxins in their feed.

GrowthPlus© is our plant-based product for digestive health in pet birds and aquatic species.

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