PlusProtect Digestive® is highly effective against E.coli

PlusProtect Digestive® is highly effective against E.coli

Recently we carried out an experiment to evaluate the susceptibility of Escherichia coli to our natural bactericide and fungicide PlusProtect Digestive®.

Escherichia coli was cultured on Petri plates with Muller Hinton Agar containing PlusProtect Digestive® at the following concentrations: 2 ml/liter, 1 ml/liter, 0.5 ml/liter and 0. After 48 h of incubation, PlusProtect Digestive® had been able to completely inhibit bacterial growth of at all the concentrations above, as it can be seen in the picture that is accompanying this blog entry.

Such a good effectiveness against E.coli makes PlusProtect Digestive® a excellent tool in the following cases:

    • Broilers: E. coli is the main bacterial specie in poultry intestine and, in conditions of immune suppression, can become virulent and migrate to respiratory system, which leads to onset of colibacillosis. Colibacillosis is a major infectious disease in birds of all ages, having an important economic impact because of mortality and decrease in productivity.
    • Breeders and layers: E.coli is transmitted from breeders to day-one-chicks through egg contamination, causing neonatal E. Coli septicaemia. The consequences are high mortality during the first 10 days of the chick, and typical lesions such as peritonitis, pericarditis and air sacculitis. Besides, salpingitis by E.coli infection are among the commonest causes for death In layer hens.PlusProtect Digestive® contributes to control the pathogenic strains of E.coli in intestine of poultry, preventing the migration to respiratory system and ovary and the contamination of egg shell.
    • Piglets: Colibacillosis has been recognized as an important diarrheal disease of piglets from birth until after weaning. Ingested pathogenic E. coli adhere to enterocytes, where they colonize, proliferate, and elaborate enterotoxins, which produce diarrhea and a potentially severe loss of electrolytes.PlusProtect Digestive® helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic E.coli in piglet’s intestine, contributing to reduce the occurrence of piglet diarrhea and its consequences on mortality and performance.

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