The magazine “Guide to Swine Health” just published an extensive article about PlusVet Animal Health

The Guide to Swine Health is a leading Chinese magazine targeting the domestic pig industry. It pays special attention to the latest trends of pig farming and nutrition.

Recently, the magazine published an extensive article about PlusVet Animal Health®, as an example of a company that is introducing innovative products in the Chinese swine health and nutrition sector, with the aim of contributing to a safer food chain.

The first part of the article covers the activities that we carried out last May during China Animal Husbandry Expo 2014. Besides our booth in the Expo, we offered several seminars to our customers and friends with the collaboration of Mr. Vagn Hugger from the Danish company Chemvet and Mr. Gunner Sorensen from the Pig Research Centre (Danish Agriculture & Food Council). The seminars covered the topics “Importance of digestive health in poultry” and “2014 China-EU technology exchange about pig digestive health and efficient breeding.”

plusvet animal health

The second part of the article exposes the philosophy behind PlusVet Animal Health®: to be a bridge between Europe and China and to provide a combination of products, services and technical information that brings better productivity to farmers and a safer pig meat.

plusvet animal health

We thank the magazine “Guide to Swine Health” such a professional article!

Ms. Chen Yaqin, Purchasing and Product Development,

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