Success case about recovering productivity of broiler breeders with PlusLay Immuno©

Recent success case about recovering productivity of broiler breeders with PlusLay©PlusLay Immuno© boosted fertility, laying rate and eggshell quality.

The success case

The target of the administration of PlusLay Immuno© in the broiler breeder farm was to recover from an episode of low productivity and to ameliorate eggshell defects.

PlusLay Immuno© was given through drinking water, following a program that lasted two weeks.

After two weeks:

  • Fertility rate of the eggs improved from 91% to 94%.
  • Laying rate was boosted from 84% to 88%.
  • As a consequence of these improvements, at the end of the program, the farm obtained 6.28 fertile eggs more per day every 100 breeders.
  • Eggshell defects improved dramatically. Eggshell became bright, glossy and with good color, and problem of cracked eggs was eliminated.

Return on investment of the program was 2.94:1.

Recent success case about recovering productivity of broiler breeders with PlusLay©

Why the product was so effective?

PlusLay Immuno© is a combination of vitamins C, D3 and E, plus phyto-active ingredients derived from sweet bay. The product:

  • Improves semen quality of cocks, enhancing the volume of semen, total sperm concentration, sperm livability, sperm motility and egg fertility.
  • Boosts fertility of hens, because the vitamins contained in PlusLay Immuno© are involved in the formation of the reproductive cells (ova), in the metabolism of the egg inside the hen and in the development of the embryo.
  • Increases laying rate.
  • Maintains egg quality.
  • Phyto-active ingredients derived from sweet bay stimulate the function of the digestive system and have beneficial effects during stressful periods.

Vitamins are usually given through feed, but in stressful moments requirements increase dramatically, from 3 to 5 folds. During these periods, it is more practical to administer vitamins through drinking water using products like PlusLay Immuno©.

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