Use of essential oils to give chicks the best start in life

Blog essential oils during the first week life broilersThe first 7 days of the broiler’s life – a key period for digestive and respiratory health

The first week corresponds to 16-25% of the life of the broiler and it is increasingly important as the lifespan of the commercial broiler shortens. A good start is very important for the bird, and every positive achievement during this stage will be rewarded in good performance later in life.

Essential oils are used during the first 7 to 10 days of life to ensure a healthy development of the digestive system and prevent respiratory problems:

1. Essential oils promote the healthy development of the digestive system and gut flora

The development of intestinal structures starts before hatching and finishes around day 10. Certain essential oils and plant extracts modify the morphology of the intestinal epithelium, by increasing the villus length and crypt depth, and thus amplifying the absorptive surface and the feed use.

On the other hand, the establishment of the digestive flora begins at hatch and reaches equilibrium after 10 days. Together with the beneficial bacteria, there are other pathogenic species that, besides being the origin of disease, compete for nutrients with the animal and with the beneficial microbes. Some of these pathogens are vertically-transmitted Salmonella or Enterobacteria. Besides causing digestive infections, Enterobacteria penetrate the intestinal barrier, arrive to blood, and spread through the body, causing infections in the respiratory system, heart and liver-

Essential oils with bactericide activity eliminate intestinal pathogens, including Salmonella sp and Enterobacteria. Besides, certain plant extracts are natural prebiotics that boost the population of beneficial bacteria and therefore indirectly reduce the population of harmful microbes.

2.Help to prevent respiratory problems

The young chick’s body is poorly insulated, so if environmental temperature is not controlled properly, the bird will lose heat rapidly and develop respiratory diseases. Essential oils reinforce the healthy functioning of the respiratory system and are successfully used in prevention programs.

On the other hand, essential oils are able to improve the clearance of vertically-transmitted Mycoplasma that causes mycoplasmosis and chronic respiratory disease in early stages. They can be combined with pharmaceutical products whenever necessary, with a synergistic effect.

3.Modulate the effects of vaccines

The use of certain essential oils after vaccinations with live vaccines alleviates the harmful consequences of secondary reactions, keeping the birds healthy and productive, while at the same time stimulate the innate and acquired immunity and boost the amount of antibodies produced as a response to the vaccine.

Blog essential oils during the first week life broilers

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