We obtained FAMI QS certification!

PlusVet Animal Health obtained FAMI QS certification

FAMI-QS is the most prestigious certification in the world for producers of feed additives and premixtures

We are glad to announce that last June 1st 2016, PlusVet Animal Health obtained FAMI QS certification, with registration number FAM-1067!

FAMI-QS (Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System) is a standard developed by the European Federation of Manufacturers of Additives for Animals (FEFANA), based on the European Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/ EC). This standard aims to ensure the safety, hygiene, transparency and compliance of the production and quality management systems, from selection and purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, transport and storage by the manufacturer until sales of the finished product.

Renowned worldwide, FAMI-QS certification is the only one focused on feed additives and premixtures, and it provides a way to show our commitment for safe feed.

Since June 1st 2016, we at PlusVet Animal Health fully comply both with European and Chinese legislation, demonstrating that our production and quality systems are up to the highest international standards.  

We thank all the team for the hard work and dedication!

Ms. SunYing, Head of the Technical Department
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