We renewed our FAMI-QS certification

We renewed our FAMI-QS certification

We are glad to announce that last January 2020 our company renewed its FAMI-QS certification.

FAMI-QS (Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System) is a standard developed by the European Federation of Manufacturers of Additives for Animals (FEFANA), based on the European Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/ EC). 

This standard aims to ensure the safety, hygiene, transparency and compliance of the production and quality management systems, from selection and purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, transport and storage by the manufacturer until sales of the finished product.

The latest version of the FAMI-QS certification has a structure similar to other ISO management system standards. Furthermore, it focuses on risk-based thinking and process approach, with product quality and feed safety in mind.

We congratulate and thank our Purchasing, Production and Quality Assurance team!

We renewed our FAMI-QS certification

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