We prove the fungicidal activity of PlusBreathe against Aspergillus flavus

Plusbreathe aspergillus flavus

Aspergillosis is the most common respiratory fungal infection in poultry. More than 20 species of birds, including chickens, ducks and geese, can be affected. Among them, young birds are the most susceptible: outbreaks of aspergillosis in chicks can result in more than 30% mortality and cause huge economic losses.

Aspergillus is a genus of fungi that lives in hatcheries and farms around the world, but aspergillosis is linked mainly to two species: Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus flavus. The fungi grow in the lungs and make breathing difficult, which ultimately results in the death of the animal.

The spores of Aspergillus may be found in many spots of the farms and hatcheries, including feed, litter, manure, air, ventilation systems, eggs, nests, egg trays, cardboard boxes, etc.

Most commonly, aspergillosis is hatchery related: it comes with the day old chicks when they arrive at the farm and is called “brooder pneumonia”.  In this case, the first signs of the disease will be seen when the birds are two days old. However, it can also originate from the farm, and in this case the signs of disease will be seen when the animals are 4 to 7 days old.

Cleaning and disinfection are key for the prevention of aspergillosis.

Essential oils like the ones contained in PlusBreathe are helpful for the respiratory function of poultry, but also act as disinfectants, being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

Recently we made an experimental test in our lab to prove the fungicidal activity of PlusBreathe against Aspergillus flavus.

Experimental place and time

Made in PlusVet Animal Health  laboratory, November 2018.


To verify the fungicidal activity of PlusBreathe against A. flavus.


Strains: A. flavus. strain, purchased from the China Center of Industrial Culture Collection (CICC). A. flavus spore suspension is prepared through reviving, culturing and enriching.

Medium: Czapek’s Agar

Test solutions:  Pure PlusBreathe, 1% PlusBreathe, 0.5% PlusBreathe, 0.2%PlusBreathe, 0% PlusBreathe (blank).

Control: Phenol.

Experimental method

The experimental procedure was adapted from AOAC Method 955.17, fungicidal activity of disinfectants.

(1) Place 5 mL of each test solutions and phenol in a 25 × 150 mm test–culture tube. Place the tubes in a 20°C water bath.

(2) With a graduated pipette, place 0.5 ml of the fungal suspension in each tube.

(3) After 10 min of exposure to the test solutions or control, remove 1 ml aliquot from each tube, and place in solidified Czapek’s Agar plates. The aliquot is seeded by spreading on the surface of the medium with a swab.

(4) Incubate the plates at 25–30°C for 5 days.

Read the final results after incubation.


 Plusbreathe aspergillus flavus

From the picture, it can be observed that there was no growth of Aspergillus flavus in the plates corresponding to Pure PlusBreathe, 1% PlusBreathe, 0.5% PlusBreathe and phenol. Several colonies appeared at 0. 2% PlusBreathe and abundant growth was observed in the blank plate.


PlusBreathe is an effective fungicide against A. flavus at concentrations of 0.5% and above.

Ms. Lizhichao, R+D

Product of choice

PlusBreathe© is a liquid cocktail of essential oils to be given by drinking water and intended for all species and ages. It can also be sprayed in the air of the farm.  Contact with us for more information on the use of the product.

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