Winter is coming! We help you to keep respiratory problems under control.

We help you to keep respiratory problems under controlEssential oils are here to maintain your birds productive and your farm economically competitive 

Winter is coming!

And together with winter, a higher occurrence of respiratory diseases and ventilation problems in poultry farms.

Luckily, essential oils are here to help you to maintain your birds productive and your farm economically competitive in despite of cold weather challenges.

Last winter, broiler farms who used our program of essential oils achieved, on average:

  • 1% heavier live weight at slaughter.
  • Better survivability by 1.9 points.
  • Stronger economic results, improving gross margin by 0.11 USD per bird.

How can essential oils improve productivity during cold season?

A great extension of the epithelium that covers the respiratory system is lined with cilia. Cilia are tiny muscles that have the shape of small hairs and play a very important role in the defense against respiratory problems, as they move continuosly in the direction of the beak in order to eliminate mucus, dust, pathogens and foreign particles, keeping the respiratory system clean and healthy.

Ciliary Beat Frequency is a parameter that measures the movement of the cilia.  The faster it is, the better the elimination of mucus, dust, pathogens and particles.

essential oils accelerate the movement of respiratory cilia

Microorganisms that replicate in the respiratory epithelium or air contaminants such ammonia are able to damage the cilia or to slown down their beating frequency.

Damaged cilia take 7 to 14 days to regenerate and, during this period, the birds are more sensitive to respiratory infections.

On the other hand, when the beating frequency slows down, mucus on the surface of respiratory airways cannot be cleared properly. Excess of mucus, together with microorganisms and dust particles, may reach lungs and air sacs and initiate respiratory infections.

essential oils accelerate the movement of respiratory cilia

Essential oils with fresh flavour are able to speed up the ciliary beat frequency up to 20% in a natural way, improving the physiological cleaning up of the respiratory airways. This translated into a better welfare during all the life of the animal and into enhanced productive and economic results.

Products of choice

LeaderChick©, the first world’s comprehensive program based on natural ingredients, is designed to bring extraordinary productivity to broiler farms. Contact us to learn more about our program for cold weather.

PlusBreathe© is a liquid cocktail of refreshing essential oils to be given by drinking water and intended for all species and ages. It can also be sprayed in the air of the farm. Contact with us for more information on the use of the product.

Disclaimer: Essential oils do not substitute antibiotics to treat respiratory diseases.

Pictures: rooster from istock, electron microscope picture of respiratory cilia, drawing of respiratory cilia by Bruce Blaus.

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