EggCelence© (breeders and layers)

 EggCelence©, an innovative program for excellent egg quality and top productivity

  • Based on the European philosophy about the application of natural compounds to layers and breeders.
  • Directed to boost productivity of layers and breeders, with a return on investment of 7.5:1.
  • The program includes one of the most effective mycotoxin binders of the market.
  • Helps to maintain productivity in despite of stress and health-related problems.
  • Optimizes the development of the pullets, preparing the birds for top-class productivity.

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The fundamentals of EggCelence©

EggCelence© is a program based on our know-how of the use of natural animal health products to obtain extraordinary productivity. By administering phyto-active ingredients, EggCelence© stimulates digestive and respiratory functions and reinforces the health and well-being of the layers and breeders.

EggCelence© is composed by liquid and powder products with synergistic activity, that are combined in different ways to give an effective answer to the real needs of your farm.

PlusLay Immuno© is a liquid cocktail of studied levels of vitamins C, D3 and E, plus phyto-active ingredients. The vitamins contained in PlusLay© improve semen quality of cocks, increase laying and fertility rates and boost eggshell and DOC quality. Vitamins are usually given through feed, but in key moments requirements increase dramatically, from 3 to 5 folds. During these periods, it is more practical to administer vitamins through drinking water using products like PlusLay©.

PlusProtect Digestive© and ExtraProtect© are liquid products that contain phyto-active ingredients and are designed to stimulate digestive performance.

PlusBreathe© is a liquid product rich in phyto-active ingredients with refreshing and smoothing properties, for respiratory performance.

PlusBind© and PlusBind Bio© are mycotoxin binders with guaranteed efficacy, showing one of the highest legally guaranteed binding rates in the market. As our binders are based on silicates with high ionic exchange capacity, they show other benefits for egg-laying poultry, such as increasing calcium absorption in intestine and reducing the incidence of dirty eggs.

GrowthPlus© is a powder product for digestive performance that combines the efficacy of our mycotoxin binders with a rich combination of phyto-active ingredients and organic acids.

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