Get 1 kg more per weaned piglet!

Get 1 kg more per weaned piglet!

A recent trial confirmed the effectiveness of PigletPlus© to prevent diarrhea in suckling piglets. When added to pre-starter feed, PigletPlus© increased average weight gain, reduced mortality, decreased the need of antibiotic treatments and improved digestive health.

PigletPlus© is a combination of microbiocide plant extracts, organic acids, natural prebiotics and European silicates that act as mycotoxin binders.


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Summary of results of five repetitions


Animals: sucking piglets, from day 12th of life to weaning at day 28th.
Feed: pre-starter feed coming from the same manufacturer and same batch for trial and control groups.
Trial groups have been added PigletPlus© at 1.5 kg/ton.
Management conditions: the same for trial and control groups.
Health programs: same for both groups, except for antibiotics administered by injection in cases of severe diarrhea, according to the criteria of the farm vet.
Repetitions: 5
Diarrhea score was recorded daily, being score=0 normal faeces to score=5 watery, severe diarrhea.

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