Phyto-active ingredients boost feed use in broilers!

Phyto-active ingredients boost feed use in broilers!Gut health is a key factor for an optimal FCR

FCR problems impact seriously the economy of the broiler farm. Feed represents 60-70% of the total cost of broiler production and the efficient conversion of feed into live weight is critical for profitability. Even small changes in FCR may have a deep impact on the financial results of the farm.

The cause of a poor Feed Conversion Ratio is usually multi-factorial. Any factor that impairs the health, management, biosafety or environment of the farm will burden feed use.

Gut health is one of the key elements to achieve an optimal FCR, as any imbalance on digestive flora or any digestive lesion will deteriorate performance values.

The following trial demonstrates that using phyto-active ingredients for digestive health results in better feed use and help broiler farmers to optimize the economic results of the farm.


The trial took place in Summer 2016 in a commercial broiler farm, from day 1 to slaughter at day 42nd.

Trial and control groups of broilers consisted of 3 houses each:

  • Trial group: phyto-active ingredients were given by drinking water, together with the normal medication program of the farm.
  • Control group: normal medication program of the farm.

All other parameters related to feed composition, management, health programs, etc were the same for both groups.


Gut health is one of the key elements to achieve an optimal FCR

Return on investment was 5:1


The results of the trial demonstrated that the use of phyto-active ingredients intended for digestive health brings improved FCR, better weight al slaughter, decreased mortality and higher Efficiency Index. As a consequence of this rise in productivity, the economic benefits of the trial group were 12% higher.

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PlusProtect Digestive© is a liquid cocktail of highly active phyto-active ingredients, designed to easily administer beneficial compounds through drinking water.

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