We prove the beneficial impact of our phyto-active ingredients on broiler’s gut flora

Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coliLeaderChick© reduces the amount of pathogenic microorganisms and boosts the growth of beneficial bacteria in ileum.

Nowadays gut microbiota is considered a key endogenous organ that is able to modulate the health of the broiler. Gut microorganisms are able to:

  • Cause structural and functional modifications of the digestive tract.
  • Secrete metabolites that may be useful or harmful to the broiler.
  • Influence the digestion of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Protect the birds against pathogens.
  • Impact the development of immune system.

Moreover, pathogenic gut flora may spread in the environment of the broiler house, causing illness in other broilers and in future batches, and may contaminate the carcass during slaughter, inducing foodborne diseases.

The bacterial composition of the broiler’s intestinal tract is not static but shows temporal variations related to each individual, age of animal, environment, animal health products, antibiotic treatments and diet.  In literature, there is increasing evidence that demonstrates that phyto-active ingredients are able to boost the number of beneficial bacteria and reduce the number of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

Effect of LeaderChick© program on gut flora

Recently, we at PlusVet Animal Health have developed PlusGut©, a method to evaluate the impact of animal health products on gut flora.

The results we show in this post were obtained during a trial that took place in December 2015. Trial group was given the LeaderChick© program since day 2 of life. Control group was given the normal animal health program of the farm.

At day 24th of age, 6 broilers of the LeaderChick© group and 6 broilers of the control group were slaughtered in our clinical analysis lab. A segment of the ileum was taken and the bacterial content of the samples was analyzed using PlusGut© method.

Effect of LeaderChick© on potentially pathogenic bacteria

When analyzing the amount of pathogenic bacteria per gram of intestine, control group had an average higher number of negative bacteria than LeaderChick© group:

  • 13900 more Clostridium perfringens cells per gram of sample
  • 1583 more E.coli cells per gram of sample

LeaderChick Digestive flora Main Clostridium

essential oils plant extracts digestive flor

Effect of LeaderChick© on beneficial bacteria

The group treated with LeaderChick© showed an average of 672000 more Lactobacillus sp. cells per gram of sample.

essential oils plant extracts digestive flora


With the PlusGut© method, it was demonstrated that the LeaderChick© program was able to reduce the amount of potentially pathogenic microorganisms and boost the growth of beneficial bacteria in ileum.  

Modification of the digestive flora is one of the mechanisms of action of LeaderChick© and it explains why this program has a positive impact on the health of the animals, on the productive parameters (mortality, weight at slaughter, European Index)  and on the economical output of the broiler farm.

LeaderChick© is the first world’s comprehensive program for broilers based on natural ingredients, designed to be given by drinking water. Among others, includes the products PlusProtect Digestive© and PlusBreathe©.

With the collaboration of Mr. Qi Baohuai, Sales Representative and Ms. Sun Ying, Head of Quality & Manufacturing.

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